Over de zoo

Since 2020, the zoo is undergoing a transformation into a flora and fauna center that focuses on raising awareness of the importance of cleanliness. Paramaribo Zoo is participating in a so-called Twinning project. Together with the Dutch AAP Foundation, a number of important changes are being implemented step by step, such as reorganizing the organizational structure, improving communication by making much more use of social media, developing and realizing a gift shop, improving the catering outlets, the education and training of the staff and the construction of a professional quarantine area. These are all important preconditions for a sustainable future of a modern zoo.

In addition to the fact that we are primarily dealing with a zoo where visitors can view the animals, Paramaribo Zoo is also a shelter for wildlife that has been seized by government agencies. Wild animals have often been taken by hunters or poachers as young babies, after the mother animal has been shot for meat or fur. At first, such an orphaned young seems to conform to his fate in human hands, much to the amusement of the “owners”. However, as soon as he grows up, that sweet little cat, monkey or piggy turns out to be less and less suitable as a pet. The food it receives is unsuitable, the housing is too small and the treatment is poor. At a certain moment the animal can no longer be handled, makes noise and causes a nasty odor. In the best case, such an animal would then be confiscated by a government agency and taken to the zoo. In that case, one has to deal with a frustrated animal that has often lived under very poor conditions, has deformities due to a too small living space in which it has not been able to develop properly, has been given completely unsuitable food and does not know how it would naturally behave because it has had no parent animals. In short; Unfortunately, such an animal cannot go back into nature and remains dependent on human care for the rest of his life.

With this function, Paramaribo Zoo is an important player in the nature conservation market. It makes visitors aware of the great importance of preserving diversity. The slogan of this zoo is therefore: The Paramaribo Zoo preserves, monitors and protects.