Project Description

The Capybara

The capybara, called kapua in Suriname, is the largest living rodent species and can grow to about 70 kilos. Specimens have even been found that grew to more than 90 kilos. They grow to about 1.2 meters long and have a height of about 60 centimeters. Capybaras are heavily built with short sturdy legs, hoof-like claws and a vestigial tail. The toes are partially connected by webbed feet and the nostrils, eyes and ears are on top of the head so that the animal can also smell, see and hear while swimming. The coat is light to dark yellow-brown or gray-brown.

The animal is also called water boar, but it has nothing to do with a pig. This animal is regularly hunted for its meat, which is considered a delicacy by many people.

(photo: Gustao Zea)