Project Description

The donkey

Most people think a donkey is stupid and stubborn, which it certainly isn’t! They are brave, calm, smart, tireless, loyal and careful!

In many poor countries, donkeys are used to carry loads or to pull carts. The advantage of domestic donkeys over horses is that they are smaller, more resistant to extreme climatic conditions, and are easier to handle and feed. Their step security is a plus, especially on mountain paths.

The reputation of donkeys for being wayward animals is mainly due to their exceptional intelligence and prudence. Unlike horses, donkeys are not flight animals. Their origin from mountainous environments makes them completely freeze in danger. As a result, they cannot be moved with force if one wants to drive them in situations where they see danger. The stress is more likely to increase their stiffness. Once their trust is gained, they display their kind and docile nature.

(photo: Gustao Zea)