Project Description

The jabiroe

The Jabiroe is a very large stork with white feathers. He has a bald, black head and neck. The name comes from a Tupi – Guaraní language and means “swollen neck”. The adult jabiroe is one and a half meters high. If it spreads its wings, the wingspan can be up to 3 meters. Its weight is somewhere between 6 and 9 kilos.

The plumage is usually white, but the head and metal ring on its neck are black, with a red stretchy pouch at the base. It has a large beak, which is black and curved upwards. Its legs are long and black.

It lives in swamp areas and wet savannas, especially on the coast. It feeds on mollusks, reptiles, small mammals and fish. Usually the jabiroe operates alone. In Suriname this bird is called blasman.

You can admire this large stork in the Paramaribo Zoo.

(photo: Gustao Zea)