Project Description


In the Paramaribo Zoo we currently have female jaguars. They all come from private individuals, who thought they had a nice house kitten, until after a few months the kittens could no longer be handled without gloves. In addition, jaguars are in danger of extinction and they are a protected species. Jaguars should never be kept without a permit. The government is right to confiscate these animals. The Paramaribo Zoo has sheltered the jaguars to give them the care and nutrition they need.

The jaguar in the picture is about 11 years old and has lived with us the longest. She also came to us as a young animal after the previous “owner” could no longer handle her. She was in very bad shape in terms of condition. She was very weak and covered with parasites. Fortunately, with the medical help of our veterinarian drs. Bansse and the intensive care of our animal caretakers, we got her back on track!

(photo: Gustao Zea)