Project Description

The peacock

Originally, peacocks were kept in parks and gardens for their beauty, but roast peacock soon became a culinary status symbol. In addition, the feathers were very popular as a “dry bouquet” or decoration for ladies’ hats. Peacocks appear in ancient folk tales, in which peacocks belong to love and to the gods. Many people believe that finding a peacock feather brings good luck.

The roosters of both species have a long train consisting of the strongly elongated tail coverts, which show a peacock eye at their ends. The train consists of about 150 colorful feathers. When the rooster sets up its trail to conquer a female, these feathers are most visible. At the end of winter, the peacock wants to mate. When a female shows interest, the rooster turns its back to the female so that the female has to walk around him to see his beautiful feathers.

(photo: Gustao Zea)