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Paramaribo Zoo preserves, monitors and protects the wildlife of Suriname!

We only have one zoo in Suriname; a special zoo. Besides showing animals to the public, Paramaribo Zoo has an important task in preserving, guarding and protecting our unique wildlife. Much of the current animal collection consists of animals that have been confiscated by the government. Some animals were kept as pets in horrible conditions. Others were found as injured road victims. Sometimes young animals were found completely helpless and hopeless because their mothers fell prey to hunters. All these types of animals are professionally cared for by Paramaribo Zoo and receive (medical) care and protection. The ultimate goal is to return the animals back to its natural habitat. However, this is often not possible, because this natural habitat has had to make way for advancing urbanization. Another reason why it is not possible to replace an animal may be that the animal has become too used to people. Then it can even be dangerous to release an animal, because it will always look for food near people. In all cases where it is not possible to give the rescued animals their freedom back, they continue to live in Paramaribo Zoo, where an attempt is made to imitate the natural environment as closely as possible.

In Paramaribo Zoo visitors will not find elephants, giraffes or syberian tigers. However, one does get a good idea of the local animal species, including quite a number of them are very worthwhile to see. For example, the kwatta monkeys, divided over their two beautiful islands, always guarantee a lot of viewing pleasure. The giant otter moves visitors with its endearing antics. The red ibises surprise time and again with their beautiful bright orange plumage. But the biggest crowd pullers are the four jaguars. The jaguar; the symbol of Paramaribo Zoo.